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My Program

Learn the details about my English tutoring program and schedule an initial consultation.

Meet the Parents

Getting to know your English tutoring needs

Before beginning lessons, we will have a phone conversation or an in-person meeting.

You will communicate your child’s needs, and I will tell you a little about myself and my methodologies. I also speak to your child directly to hear what they think are their strengths and weaknesses and how they think I can help. This conversation will help me understand where to start so that I meet your unique needs from the beginning.

We will schedule the first session at the end of the initial meeting.

A Thoughtful and Kind Approach

Because they feel like they can’t be successful, some kids have a negative attitude about school; they feel defeated. I’ve met many students who told me they don't like reading or are afraid of that blank Google Doc.

During our tutoring sessions, I build relationships with my students and develop their confidence and skills. I help children discover the joy of reading and writing; I show high school students that the SAT is a kind of game they can learn and beat, and I help my seniors write authentic college essays.

Many of my students say that our classes transform their perspective on language.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to drop me a message.

Do you see students remotely or in person?
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I meet with most students on Zoom, which allows me to work with families from all over United States and other countries! I also meet with some students at my home office in Aurora, Colorado.

What is the frequency of the sessions, and how long are they?
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Most students meet with me once a week for an hour, and more frequent lessons are available. The frequency depends on the student’s goals and needs.

Do you assign homework?
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Yes, all my students have weekly homework assignments that help them reach their goals.

How much do you charge?
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My rate varies depending on the service I provide. Please contact me for more information.

How do you provide feedback to the parents?
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All of our work is done on Google Docs, and parents are welcome to review it. Each student also has a homework document with the list of weekly assignments. After six months of lessons, parents are encouraged to set up a phone conference with me, so we can have an in depth conversation about their child’s progress.

When do small group lessons start?
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SAT classes and the book club are available on demand, when there are enough interested students. Typically, SAT groups take place during the summer months.

Do you help with homework?
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While I generally teach students specific skills, I am happy to help complete homework assignments and prepare for tests

Let's get Started

Contact me if you have more questions or want to get started with my tutoring program.

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