Develop confidence & skills

I offer tutoring in three focus areas, but all my students become stronger readers, writers, and thinkers. 

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Reading & Writing Tutoring

One-on-one enrichment classes for all grade levels & a small book club for grades 7-9

Curiosity, reflection, communication

Through our work together, students become more curious about themselves and the world, learn to think logically and deeply, and grow into effective speakers and writers.

Personalized curriculum

A customized reading, writing, and grammar curriculum will give your child the skills and confidence to do well in school assignments. Advanced students have the opportunity to enter writing contests.

Holistic approach

We begin with a book that’s both interesting and of literary value. Together we analyze important passages, discuss the characters, and identify life lessons. These discussions prepare students to express their ideas in writing. I also teach students how to use their grammar knowledge in polishing their work.

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SAT & ACT Tutoring

One-on-one year-round sessions & small group classes at specific start times

Maximize the verbal score

The SAT and ACT measure skills and knowledge of the test. A student may be an avid reader and an articulate writer but score poorly. With test-specific tutoring, my students grow their SAT verbal score by 150 points on average.

Master content and test-taking skills

Together, we analyze the language and reading sections of the test. We discuss and practice specific strategies. And, we prepare grammar rules and reading comprehension skills.

Individualized instruction

If your son or daughter is struggling with SAT grammar, we focus on the conventions the SAT usually tests. If their vocabulary in context is weak, we focus to understand these questions. On test day my students are confident—both about their test-taking ability and mastery of the subject matter.

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College Application Essay Coaching

2023 college acceptance results: Northeastern, Tufts, Babson, UC- Davis, UC-Irvine, University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Indiana University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington, CU-Boulder, Denver University and others

Stand out in admissions

The college application contains test scores, GPA, and a list of extracurriculars. The essay is the one place where a student can truly shine as an individual. Let’s make it happen.

Emotionally-engaging and authentic essays

Everyone has a story. And it doesn’t have to involve helping children in Africa or becoming senior class president. Each student's story is unique from all other stories because THEY are unique. Can such a story make an impression the admissions officers? Absolutely.

A student-centric approach

During a series of introspective discussions, I help your son or daughter recognize their story and write it honestly and clearly. During the revision process, I guide them to effectively and clearly convey who they are.

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